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a screenshot of the game Bob Is Melting

Bob Is Melting

A 2D platformer game with an objective centered around preventing Bob the Snowman, from fully melting away.

a screenshot of Minutemon's interface


Finalist in QDS Hacks 2024! A time-budgeting app designed to help students live healthier lives.

ReactJavaScriptReact RouterReact Context API
a screenshot of the RainMate app


An umbrella sharing app made using MapBox GL JS API, Firebase and Firestore. Designed with Figma, implemented with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

FirebaseMapBoxGL JSJavaScriptjQueryBootstrap
a screenshot of my portfolio site

My portfolio site, a fully featured blog and project showcase website. Besides the Static Site Generator itself, all features, components and the theme itself are made by me.

ReactAstro.jsTypeScriptJavaScriptTailwind CSSCSS
a screenshot of the my Single User Dungeon app on the terminal

Single User Dungeon

A text-based adventure game where players embark on a dungeon quest, engage with dynamic dialogues, and make choices that influence the game's narrative and their character's attributes.

a screenshot of the calculator

Colourful Calculator

My little fun experiment- a simple calculator filled with JavaScript animations.

a screenshot of

Earth Baby Outfitters

A eCommerce storefront for a clothing brand. Designed and developed using Shopify, Liquid, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

a screenshot of

Katex Fashion

A bespoke landing page for a clothing factory. Built with HTML, SCSS, and Vanilla JavaScript.

a screenshot of the unicorns service interface

Mongo Unicorns

a unicrons data service utilizing a combination of a frontend UI built with Tailwind and a backend server, it allows interaction with a MongoDB database storing unicorn data.

ExpressMongoDBJavaScriptTailwind CSS
a screenshot of Now Showing

Now Showing

A simple responsive web application that presents a user-friendly interface for browsing movie listings, sourced from the YTS API