Jasper Wang

Software Developer

I'm passionate about making cool stuff and solving problems, and I'm currently studying Computer Science at BCIT.


I spent my childhood peeking over my dad’s shoulder as he stayed up and handcrafted numerous websites.

Fast forward a bit, a few years ago I picked up some JavasScript skills and hacked up a website when I was completing my bachelor’s in psychology- I instantly fell in love with programming.

Now, I am currently pursuing computer science in British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Computer System Technology program. What’s my drive? Simple: I love creating awesome stuff. Whether it’s an app or a website, if it lets me problem-solve, I’m all in!



a screenshot of the game Bob Is Melting

Bob Is Melting

A 2D platformer game with an objective centered around preventing Bob the Snowman, from fully melting away.

a screenshot of Minutemon's interface


Finalist in QDS Hacks 2024! A time-budgeting app designed to help students live healthier lives.

ReactJavaScriptReact RouterReact Context API
a screenshot of the RainMate app


An umbrella sharing app made using MapBox GL JS API, Firebase and Firestore. Designed with Figma, implemented with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

FirebaseMapBoxGL JSJavaScriptjQueryBootstrap
a screenshot of my portfolio site


My portfolio site, a fully featured blog and project showcase website. Besides the Static Site Generator itself, all features, components and the theme itself are made by me.

ReactAstro.jsTypeScriptJavaScriptTailwind CSSCSS
a screenshot of the my Single User Dungeon app on the terminal

Single User Dungeon

A text-based adventure game where players embark on a dungeon quest, engage with dynamic dialogues, and make choices that influence the game's narrative and their character's attributes.


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September 2023 - December 2025 est.

Computer System Technology Diploma

British Columbia Institute Of Technology (BCIT)
September 2017 - August 2022

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Major in Psychology

The University Of British Columbia (UBC)


May 2024 - Present

Full Stack Developer


I'm supporting the development and maintenance of applications for Liquor and Cannabis Retail Stores, working with PL/SQL, Java, Spring, Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

November 2022 - November 2023

eCommerce Technology and Operations Coordinator

Earth Baby Outfitters

Managed an eCommerce store on LightSpeed eCom and Shopify, fixing issues and whipping up custom solutions with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Also, I steered marketing and advertising strategies, working with agencies and partners to roll out various projects.

May 2022 - November 2022

Head Teller

Bank of Nova Scotia

I've led branch operations, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. I managed everyday transactions, maintain precise records, and ensured compliance with banking regulations. Additionally, I oversaw the branch's cash flow, ensuring we're always well-equipped to meet customer needs.


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